How it works


You begin by choosing either the 1 or 12 month subscription options.
1 month for $49.95 (AUD) 
                 Unlimited Access to Lessons 1-6 of 32 
                 FREE downloadable mp3s of all exercises covered-over 30 in all!
                 Access to Problems Solved
12 months for $395.00 (AUD)
                   Unlimited access to ALL 32 lessons
                   FREE downloadable mp3s of all exercises-over 220 in total!
                   FULL access to Problems Solved
                   Four rounds of Sing For Tim
                   Best value - only $7.60 per week!

After completing your MEMBER PROFILE, you’ll be sent a confirmation email to the address you provide. In this email you’ll find an activation link that you need to click on to complete your Vocal Alchemy subscription. When you click this link, you’ll be taken back to Vocal Alchemy where you’ll now complete your subscription by paying your chosen amount via our secure web connection to PayPal or by credit card. Once completed, you’ll have access to your MEMBER PROFILE PAGE where you can change your password, update your details, purchase an upgrade and upload files for Sing for Tim. From this page, you'll see that you can now access the video lessons in the Your Lessons section, download the free singing exercises mp3s and access the Problems Solved section, all according to the subscription type you have purchased. 

When your activation is complete, you’ll be automatically put on the Vocal Alchemy Members’ List. Then you’ll have full and complete access to all the videos, mp3s and other stuff on the site for the time period and inclusions your subscription allows. When your subscription expires you’ll become a dormant subscriber to the website. You’ll still receive emails letting you know what’s happening at Vocal Alchemy but you will no longer be able to access the paid sections of the website. To re-activate your subscription simply choose an upgrade from your MEMBER PROFILE PAGE-your original login and password will still work-and then you’ll be able to pickup from where you left off. How easy is that! We’ll be adding new content all the time so your time at Vocal Alchemy will always be rewarding and dynamic. 



As you can see at the top of this page, the two different Vocal Alchemy subscription levels allow access to different videos. This 'unlocking' of videos is tied to subscription types. This means the ONLY way to view ALL the 32 lessons is to purchase a 12-month subscription/upgrade. Buying 12 single, 1-month subscriptions is not the same as buying a 12-month subscription. In other words, to unlock more videos you must purchase BLOCK subscriptions as outlined at the top of this page.

At anytime you can UPGRADE your subscription by clicking on the button on your private MEMBER PROFILE PAGE. The upgrades available ADD to the subscription length you already have; If you’re a 1-month trial member, you can choose to upgrade to 12 month membership. Once your original membership expires, the new one will automatically be activated and your subscription to Vocal Alchemy will continue. You can upgrade as often and as many times as you wish.


We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure your singing improves really quickly by using VA. The 32 numbered video lessons range in length from 15 minutes to one hour. They are arranged in specific learning order. What you’ll notice is that the videos can only be watched in order. Why is this the case? Well it’s to help your singing improve as quickly as possible and for you to become the best you can be.  For example, the lessons on BELTING begin at lesson 23 and before you’re ready to learn to belt you need to know all the stuff in the previous lessons. It’s set up like this because to belt at a world-class level, you need to have mastered the skills in the preceding lessons. (If you jumped to lesson 23 without watching all the preceding ones, you wouldn’t understand the techniques covered because the techniques you’ll master at VA are delivered cumulatively.) But please don't be in a hurry to watch all the videos; they're not going anywhere! Improving your singing involves understanding more about WHAT you're trying to do when you sing and then developing new habits in the area of HOW to actually do this. Your brain will understand first, then your body will follow later as you develop new habits. Practicing regularly helps you reinforce new habits AND develop new ones, both of which are part of the process of better singing.

And of course all the video lessons are supported by the downloadable mp3s. The exercises here are the same as the ones in the video lessons so you'll always know exactly WHAT you need to be practicing and HOW you to practice it! In addition, sometimes there are extention exercises included too but these are always explained in the mp3s and are included to help your singing improve as quickly as possible. 


The other feature of your FULL membership is the ability to upload one or more private mp3s of your singing to Sing For Tim to get personalised feedback from Tim. This feature works as a ‘before and after’ thing. Upload a short mp3 of your singing from your MEMBER PROFILE PAGE and Tim will listen to it. (These uploads should be no more than 3 minutes long.) He’ll then email back to you his feedback in an mp3, telling you which VA lesson(s) will help you improve the fastest and also provide any additional individual advice he thinks will be helpful. After acting on Tim’s advice, you can then send him a NEW mp3 of your singing after your targeted practice and targeted lesson watching. Once all of this is complete, and if Tim thinks your situation could help others, he’ll publish the whole thing in the Problems Solved section of the website and other members can learn from your improvement. Rest assured this is a TOTALLY ANONYMOUS process; Tim knows who you are but no-one else will. If your ‘before-and-after’ singing is published on the website, it will NEVER mention your name, login name or any details that identify you as the source. What you’ll get is specific feedback improving your singing and others benefit from the feedback. Everybody wins!

With a 12-month membership you get four rounds of Sing For Tim.


This section lets you hear other singers doing parts of songs you know and then applying specific Vocal Alchemy techniques to make their singing better. They all have clear descriptions so if you want to hear others solving problems similar to yours, then this is the section to give you more solutions. If you do a really good round of Sing For Tim uploads then the world might discover you here! Completely anonymously of course!